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American Wire Gauge (AWG) to MM2 Conversions

As the name suggests, American Wire Gauge (AWG) is the United States (US) standard for wire conductor size. Somewhat confusingly, the larger the “gauge”, the smaller the diameter and the thinner the wire.

The use of AWG cables is still common with the imperial American UL (United Laboratories) system being very dominant worldwide alongside the European metric sizing. We won’t express an opinion on imperial vs. metric, but needless-to-say they’re both here to stay!

We like keeping things simple and below is a handy table for converting the cross sectional AWG cable size to the closest MM2 (square millimetre) size for metric cables. There isn’t an exact 1:1 conversion (that would be too easy!) and so we’d recommend you check to make sure the voltage, current capacity and temperature ratings are comparable for the cable you decide to use.

It’s important to say that the below table should be used for stranded cable conversions only - the most common cable type out there. If you need solid core conversions, we recommend you do a quick search on google.

If you want to keep this conversation table guide to hand (who wouldn’t!?) you can download the free PDF at the bottom of this article and pin it up on your wall…or stick it in your drawer.

Download Free Pdf


AWG to MM2 Conversion Table*
AWG Size
Equivalent Cross-Section
Nearest MM2 Cable Size
24 AWG
0.205 mm2
0.25 mm2
22 AWG
0.326 mm2
0.326 mm2
20 AWG
0.519 mm2
0.5 mm2 – 0.75 mm2
18 AWG
0.823 mm2
1 mm2
16 AWG
1.31 mm2
1.5 mm2
14 AWG
2.08 mm2
2.5 mm2
12 AWG
3.31 mm2
4 mm2
10 AWG
5.26 mm2
6 mm2
8.37 mm2
10 mm2
13.3 mm2
16 mm2
21.15 mm2
25 mm2
33.62 mm2
35 mm2
42.41 mm2
50 mm2
1/0 AWG
53.49 mm2
70 mm2
2/0 AWG
67.23 mm2
70 mm2
3/0 AWG
85.01 mm2
95 mm2
4/0 AWG
107.2 mm2
120 mm2


Download Free Pdf

* Legal Disclaimer - This chart is correct to our knowledge and we cannot be held responsible for any errors

Making life easy for you

Our Electrical Connectors range includes both the American AWG imperial and European metric sizing within the technical specifications of the product description, making it easier to match up terminals and cable size.

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