Our Autolamps Car Bulbs & Headlamps - Quality at Competitive Prices.

Our Autolamps Car Bulbs & Headlamps - Quality at Competitive Prices.

Finding good quality car bulbs at reasonable prices isn’t always easy and you can trust us not cut corners. We only sell German manufactured, E1 approved bulbs, providing you with a quality option that is competitively priced.

Autolamps bulb range: German manufacturing, OE equivalent quality

Firstly, we’ll let you into a little secret, the Autolamps range of bulbs and headlights on our website are the same ones used by a number of leading Aftermarket ‘Brands’. We can’t say who but we can tell you why…

Made by GERLUX in Germany, all of our bulbs are stamped with the “E1” approval which means they are manufactured to the same standards (or higher) as those set by the Original Equipment (OE) manufacturers, hence the term OE equivalent quality. Subject to an annual quality audit by the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) Federal Motor Transport Authority, Germany very carefully monitors the use of their E1 approval.

One example of the manufacturing difference is the use of stainless steel caps compared to brass, nickel plated (to give a shiny finish) on most other bulbs. This is a more expensive production method but provides the best possible product for our customers. The benefits are resistance to corrosion, cleaner welded contacts, longer life-hours and full recyclability.


Buying from us means value for money

All of our bulbs are sold in individual dispenser boxes, not trade packs. This means each bulb comes in its own protective packaging, reducing the risk of damage. 

We price our bulbs competitively whether you buy them individually or in larger pack quantities of 10 or 100 (all of which come to you individually packaged). Buying larger volumes will result in significant cost savings per bulb of up to 90%!

View the full range here

Upgrade Performance, HID, LED and PCB Bulbs

We also have access to a wide range of 12 volt and 24-volt bulbs that aren’t yet available on our website. Simply contact us and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll give you a price. Examples include:

  • Osram Performance Range, including Nightbreaker Laser, Cool Blue Boost, Ultralife, Truckstar and Diadem Chrome
  • Autolamps own brand headlamp upgrades in 12v and 24v (Cobalt Blue, Powerwhite, Long Life, High Wattage Rally)
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamp Bulbs & Reflector Types
  • LED sidelights, interior lights, taillights and headlights in 12v and 24v
  • LED Canbus Bulbs which incorporate actuators to allow uninterrupted communication between the vehicles ECU and the bulb.
  • PCB bulbs for circuit board and instrumentation

What should we talk about next?

We love feedback and receiving new ideas for our articles. If there are any reference guides, tips, hints or general handy information that you think we should be talking about, give us your suggestions by emailing help@jarukindustries.co.uk.

 The JAR Support Crew


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