Granville G+Pro Multi Lube 500ml Aerosol Maintenance Spray | Product Overview

Granville G+Pro Multi Lube 500ml Aerosol Maintenance Spray | Product Overview

Our Granville G+Pro Multi Lube 500ml aerosol maintenance spray is one of our most popular products here are JAR UK Industries. As an alternative to WD40, It is a versatile, multi-use product that has an almost endless number of uses in workshops, garages and at home. Here is a quick overview of the product, its benefits and suitable uses.

Product Overview:

G+Pro Multi Lube is a silicone free lubricant that should be on the shelf of every workshop and garage. With a broad spectrum of uses, it can be used as a cleaning and penetrating fluid and has strong dielectric (insulating) properties. It can also be used as a de-watering fluid, and has long-term protective properties, making it ideal as a general-purpose lubricant.

Product Uses:

The versatile nature of Granville multi lube means there it has an almost endless number of uses. It can be used on household and industrial items, cars, bikes, machines, marine kit, garden equipment and tools to name a few. Here’s a list of some of the most common uses:

  • Preventing Rust: Stop rust forming by spraying it liberally on your tools, workshop and garden equipment. It leaves a protective film on your equipment, and it particularly useful when laying up your equipment during the winter period.
  • Free Seized Parts: Loosen rusted and seized parts including nuts, bolts or locks. Apply and leave for a few minutes to penetrate the threads before trying to loosen.
  • Clean Tools and Workshop Equipment: Spray a little bit of multi lube on your tools after you’ve been using them and rub them clean using a rag or paper towel.
  • Penetrates and Lubricates: It can be used on hinges, handles, windows, pedals, springs and more to remove dirt and provide lubrication.
  • Moisture Repellent: Drive away water and prevent the ingress of moisture, for example, in ignition systems and connection boxes, protecting them from damp.
  • Dissolve grease, tar, gum and adhesives: Before reaching for other cleaning products, knives or blades, try spraying contaminants with multi lube. Ideal for most greases, tar, tree sap, grime, chewing gum and tape residue.

    What not to use it on:

    Versatility can have it’s draw backs, and that’s why we would never recommend multi lube where specialist greases are required for long term lubrication. Take a look at our Granville aerosol grease range, many of which are which are also available in handy 70g tubes or larger 500g tins.
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