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Assortments that work for you

We know many of you love our assorted boxes and product kits so we’ve been working hard to increase the number of options available to you. You can now choose between Ready Made, Build Your Own or Made to Order.


 Ready Made - Assorted boxes -jar uk industriesREADY MADE


assorted box ready made

Ready-made collections

Choose from a comprehensive range of ready-made assorted boxes and product kits. They are filled with the most popular products and with higher quantities on items most people typically use more of. 

 You can also top up the bits you’re running out of using the handy guide inside the box. Simply look up the part number on our site to re-order. No need to buy a whole new box.


 Ready Made - Assorted boxes -jar uk industriesBUILD YOUR OWN


assorted box build your own

Build your own from scratch

Sometimes an assorted box can be a little too assorted. To get only what you want, why not build your own? Most of our products are available in smaller quantities, perfect for whichever box size you choose.  

To get started, click below to browse our empty assorted box range. Once you’ve made your selection start browsing the website for the products you want to fill it.




assorted box made to order

Made to order with your bespoke requirements

Do you want us to make you a totally bespoke assorted box or kit, including items that aren’t on our website? Do you want twenty cable ties and thirty-six M6 nuts? That’s no problem, we’re happy to build you a bespoke box or kit to your exact requirements.

To get started, click below to tell us what you want and we’ll get back to you with a quote and lead time.

Our most popular ready-made assortment collections

Click from the below to go straight to the category of Ready Made assortments you’re interested in:



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