Granville 10k Catalytic Convertor Cleaner

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10K Boost Catalytic Convertor Cleaner cleans and removes carbon deposits from the entire fuel system, injectors, valves and pistons which will result in better and more efficient combustion, reducing emissions and preventing damage to the catalytic converter. Catalytic Convertor Cleaner helps eliminate rotten egg smell, improves fuel economy and restores power & performance.


  • Cleans and reduces carbon deposit build up and malfunctioning of the catalytic convertor.
  • Prevents expensive repairs to the catalytic convertor.
  • Improves combustion and engine performance.
  • Reduces emissions of hazardous exhaust gases.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Restores power and performance.
  • Eliminates rotten egg smell.
For all petrol engines fitted with a catalytic convertor.
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