3M Blue Scotchlok 20A Inline Fuse Holder for ATO Automotive Fuse No. 972 (Pack 1 or 20)

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From 3M, a range of in-line fuse holders designed for ATO (Standard Size) blade type fuses. The Scotchlok® 972 series of single fuse holders are self-striping and feature IDC (insulation-displacement connection) termination. Manufactured from high-quality, high-temperature polypropylene the 3M range of ATO fuse holders are robust and reliable. With their simple design, the only tooling required for termination is a standard slip joint plier.


The 3M 972 fuse holders are supplied without cable allowing the user to easily terminate into an existing circuit. The fuse holder can be installed by following 5 simple steps.

1) Cut wires without stripping the insulation
2) Insert one of the wires into the channel until it securely butts up to the wire stop
3) Fold that half of the fuse body over the wire until the element contacts the wire
4) Crimp that half of the connector closed with the slip joint pliers
5) Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 with the other wire

Once these steps have been completed an appropriately sized ATO fuse is inserted into the holder. In-line fuse holders enable easy access for the inspection of or replacement of damaged or blown fuses. The 3M Scotchlok® 972 fuses holders are suitable for maintenance repair and new designs.

Features and Benefits

• Compact design
• Quick and easy to install
• Self stripping IDC termination
• Suitable for 18 to 14 AWG solid or stranded tinned or untinned copper wire, 0.75mm to 1.5mm²
• Accommodates 7.5-amp, 10 amps or 20-amp fuses ATO automotive-style fuses
• 32 volts maximum
• 105˚C maximum temperature

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