Granville Cockpit Shine Gloss - Vanilla - 500ml Aero

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Granville Cockpit Shine is a silicone based Cockpit Shine that restores that 'new look shine' to all interior and exterior trim. Available in Lemon, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, New Car and Vanilla fragrances leaving a pleasant aroma and an anti-static finish that reduces dust build-up.

 Product Benefits

  • For all plastic, rubber, wood, vinyl and leather trim inside the car
  • Ideal for use around the home for dusting & polishing
  • Also works around the home as a clear slip-enhancing lubricant on curtain rails, squeaky doors and in many other places
  • Works as a tyre and bumper shine to keep parts looking black and glossy - liberally coat exterior parts such as tyres and leave them looking good (do not apply to tyre tread)
  • Functions very well as a clear protective coating on clean alloy wheels, repelling brake dust & making cleaning easier

Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance : Clear liquid
  • Odour : As fragrance
  • Specific Gravity : 0.76
  • Flammability : Highly flammable
  • Flashpoint : N/A - Hermetically sealed unit

    Granville Part No : 0885

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