Granville Cockpit Shine Matt Lemon (Silicon Free) - 500ml

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Granville Cockpit Shine Matt Lemon is a non-silicone based Cockpit Shine that restores that 'new look shine' to all interior and exterior trim leaving a pleasant aroma and an anti-static finish that reduces dust build-up.

 Product Benefits

  •  For all plastic, rubber, wood, vinyl and leather trim inside the car

  •  Ideal for use around the home for dusting & polishing

  • Also works around the home as a clear slip-enhancing lubricant on curtain rails, squeaky doors and in many other places

  • Works as a tyre and bumper shine to keep parts looking black and glossy - liberally coat exterior parts such as tyres (DO NOT APPLY to tyre tread) to leave them looking good
  • Functions very well as a clear protective coating on clean alloy wheels, repelling brake dust & making cleaning easier

Product Usage

Cleans and protects the dashboard & cockpit by forming an anti-static, dirt repelling, protective film that will leave the surface free of dirt and grime.

Silicone lubricant works to reduce friction in many applications, such as stiff or seized windows and around the home. Frequent use prevents rubber from sticking or freezing and it also prevents hardening of plastics to reduce ageing.

Directions for Use

Spray on interior surfaces and polish with a soft cloth. Spray liberally on exterior surfaces and lightly rub with a cloth if required. As a lubricant, spray in desired area as required and work the component. Slip will improve as friction between component and surface is reduced. DO NOT APPLY to steering wheel, pedals or glass.
DO NOT APPLY to any brake components or on tyre tread. DO NOT APPLY to running surface of motorcycle tyres as this product will dramatically reduce grip when cornering.

Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance : Clear liquid
  • Odour : Lemon
  • Specific Gravity : 0.76
  • Flammability : Highly flammable
  • Flashpoint : N/A - Hermetically sealed unit

    Granville Part No : 1015

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