Granville Petrol Injector Cleaner - 265ml

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10K Boost Petrol Injector Cleaner is developed to remove deposits from the injector restoring the original spray pattern. 10K Boost Petrol Injector Cleaner works on the entire fuel supply system to give optimum performance. Can also be used on vehicles with carburettors fitted.


  • Cleans injectors, carburetors and the entire gasoline supply system and keeps them in optimal condition
  • Eliminates valve sticking
  • Prevents deposits of gums, varnish and sludge
  • Reduces gasoline consumption and protects against corrosion
  • Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases
  • Eliminates rough idling, hesitation or knocking
  • Improves combustion and driveability
Technical Specifications:
  • Appearance : Clear/ Amber liquid
  • Odour : Characteristic
  • Specific Gravity : Density @ 15°C 0,763 g/cm³
  • Solubility : Insoluble
  • Flammability : 230°C
  • Flashpoint : 40-46°C
  • Percentage of Base Oil : Less than 70%
  • Percentage of Biodiesel : nil

                Granville Part No : 1434

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