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Assortment of the most popular nyloc lock nut sizes ranging from M6 (6mm) to M12 (12mm).

These grade 8 nyloc nuts have a nylon insert secured toward the top of the nut. This reduces the nuts internal diameter and when tightened onto the thread of the fixing you’re using, the nylon polymer spreads elastically over the threads of the screw without cutting the thread into the nylon insert, acting as a secure and reusable locking mechanism. This action keeps the nut in position and makes it very resistant to vibration which can loosen normal nuts over time.

Although they can be reused and will operate in temperatures up to c~120°C, do take note that the nuts locking capability will deteriorate the more it is re-used. For critical applications, we always recommend using a new nut each time.

The BZP (Bright Zinc Plated) coating provides corrosion resistance, whilst the nylon insert provides an extra seal against the leakage of oil, water, petrochemicals and other liquids.

Number of Pieces: 300

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Collection Contents:

  • JKHNN21: 100 x M6 Nylon Locking Nuts - Metric – BZP
  • JKHNN22: 120 x M8 Nylon Locking Nuts - Metric - BZP
  • JKHNN23: 50 x M10 Nylon Locking Nuts - Metric - BZP
  • JKHNN24: 30 x M12 Nylon Locking Nuts - Metric - BZP


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