Quick Aluminium Putty - 112g Stick - SAS

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Quick Aluminium Putty is a hand kneadable, speciality epoxy putty that mixes in one minute to provide fast, permanent repairs to most aluminium surfaces. Ideal for making emergency repairs to reforming, rebuilding and patching anything made out of aluminium. It also allows patching in areas where welding is impossible.

Its putty-like consistency eliminates drips and runs, providing “no mess” application with no tools required to use. The mixed epoxy turns from a silvery colour to “Alloy” upon curing and will not yellow upon exposure to UV light. After final cure, aluminium stick may be drilled, sawed, tapped, filed, sanded and painted.

Download a copy of the Technical Data Sheet below for full instructions on use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resin: Epoxide Light Silver
  • Epoxy resistance: Hydrocarbons, Ketones, esters, halo-carbons, alcohols, aqueous salt solutions, diute acids and bases
  • Electrical resistance: 30,000 mega Ohms
  • Dielectic strength (steel): 300 Volts/mil
  • Shrinkage: <1%
  • Non volatile content: 100%
  • Initial cure: 1 hour
  • Full cure time: 24 hours
  • Lap shear strength (steel): 4.8 N/mm(2)
  • Shore D Hardness: 70/80
  • Compressive strength: 84N/mm(2) - 12,000 psi
  • Opening time: 5 mins
  • Max temp resistance: 120°C Continuous, 150°C intermittent

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