Quick Metal Liquid Syringe - 24ml - SAS

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SAS quick metal liquid is a steel-filled epoxy putty for general maintenance and repairs ideal for filling, rebuilding and bonding metal surfaces.

Easy application, with no special tools required, it bonds to most metals and concrete, is machinable and is resistant to most chemicals.

Suitable for: Repairing worn or fatigued materials, patching castings, making jogs and fixtures, rebuilding pump and valve bodies, restoring bearing journals and races.

Download the Technical Data Sheet below for comprehensive application instructions and chemical resistance properties.

Technical Specifications:

  • Colour: Black
  • Mixed viscosity: Putty
  • Cured density: 2.33 gm/cc
  • Cure shrinkage ASTM D2566: 0.0006 in/in
  • Specific volume: 11.9 in/lb
  • Pot life: 45 mins
  • Comprehensive strength ASTM D695: 8,260 PSI
  • Adhesive tensile strength EASTMD1002: 2,800 PSI
  • Cured hardness shore D ASTM 2240: 85 D
  • Dielectric strength volts/mil ASTM D149: 30
  • Coverage 48 sq.in/lb @ 1/4”
  • Temperature resistance: wet - 100°F / Dry - 250°F

Data Product Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet