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Mixed assortment of the most popular amperages of both standard and mini sized blade fuses complete with a puller.

These are high-quality blade fuses from trusted manufacturers.

Number of Pieces: 151

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Collection Contents:

  • JEFB7: 15 x 7.5A Standard Blade Fuse
  • JEFB10: 15 x 10A Standard Blade Fuse
  • JEFB15: 15 x 15A Standard Blade Fuse
  • JEFB20: 15 x 20A Standard Blade Fuse
  • JEFB25: 15 x 25A Standard Blade Fuse
  • JEFB107: 15 x 7.5A Mini Blade Fuse
  • JEFB110: 15 x 10A Mini Blade Fuse
  • JEFB115: 15 x 15A Mini Blade Fuse
  • JEFB120: 15 x 20A Mini Blade Fuse
  • JEFB125: 15 x 25A Mini Blade Fuse
  • JBFEX: 1 x Blade Fuse Puller/Extractor

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: ATO, APM, ATM
  • Fitting: Push Type, Plug-in, Friction Held
  • Suits: Fuse blade holders or fuse boxes
  • Dimensions (Standard): H. 20mm x L. 19mm,
  • Dimensions (Mini): H. 16mm x L. 11mm

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